Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow, Troublemakers, and More Snow

I'm tired of the white stuff. You know, the snow.

There, I said it.

I know that where I live, in February, snow is not uncommon. In fact, most of the time I roll my eyes at people who complain about it. Let's face it, it's part of our climate.

But 26" in less than 7 days? Ridiculous.

Fortunately, we escaped the worst part last weekend. M., Miss O., and I headed on down to Richmond, Virginia to visit some family on Thursday night. We had a very relaxing weekend, where I didn't have to cook a meal, and enjoyed talking, reading, and even snuck a nap in.

On Sunday, after a LONG drive back up North....we arrived to find about 19" of snow on the ground. Our great neighbors plowed our driveway, thank goodness, but didn't notice that the snow had drifted up the 4 feet of stairs to our front porch. M. had to borrow a shovel to dig our way to the front door.

Monday morning brought sun, but cold temps as we headed out to my 16 week appointment. Miss O. got to tag along, as her school was on a 2 hour delay. It started innocently enough, with getting weighed and answering the nurses questions. Then she pulled out the Doppler, to find the babies heartbeats. For the next 5 minutes, she kept trying to find a heartbeat. I could see M. out of the corner of my eye, shaking his head like everything was fine....he totally thought the slow swoosh of my heartbeat was the babies. I tried not to panic, as the nurse gave up and announced that the doctor would find them.

Over the 10 minutes, as I waited for the doc to come through the door, I desperately tried not to think the worst or cry. All I could think was that Miss O. was in the room and this was going to be really hard to explain. Finally the door opened and the nurse practitioner walked in, explained that the doctor was on a delivery and grabbed the Doppler. She managed to find one heartbeat, maybe because she was willing to leave my lower abdomen, unlike the nurse who stayed down by my pelvic bone the whole time. At this point, I started to cry....I couldn't hold it in anymore. The nurse practitioner said, "Don't worry, we'll just have an ultrasound and everything will be fine!" I don't know how I didn't snap back at her, because at this point I was sure that something horrible had happened in my uterus over the last 4 weeks.

Off to the ultrasound room we went, where the 2 little troublemakers were dancing around, stacked just like they were on a bunk bed. Baby B was on top with Baby A hanging out just below him. I can not put into words the relief I felt watching them move around, and hearing their heartbeats. They are very high in my uterus, just to the right of my belly button...everything measured perfectly and Miss O. claims one of them was playing "peek-a-boo" with her. The tech tried to see the sexes of the babies, but they were stubborn and wouldn't uncross their legs.

Next appointment is scheduled for March 8th and we'll have the big anatomy scan then....I can't wait to see what's baking in there.


So, how was your weekend? Anything eventful happen?

Have you dug out of your home yet?


  1. Uh, next time you are in Richmond, I need to know! That's where I live!

    So glad the babes are flitting around and happy in there. How are you feeling? How are you looking??

  2. oooh, do you have any thoughts as to what you're having?? any guesses?

    lol, nothing exciting here, i'm over the snow too, but ya know, MN :)

  3. So glad the babies are doing well. That had to be so terribly scary. I think I'm probably further N than you (LI-NY) but I am so far not sick of the snow as it has given me a snow day!

  4. I can't imagine the scare -SO glad all is well! If they're troublemakers now... :)

  5. I'm so glad everything was all right *hugs*

  6. Sooo relieved everything was alright! That's frustrating about the sexes but hopefully you'll find out soon. Really excited to hear the anatomy scan results :)

  7. I was so nervous reading this!

    Glad the little guys (guys. Is that a sign?) are doing well in there.

    No snow digging for me. We're stil having "winter" in Houston. Longest one in history. You know, a big whopping 39 degrees with cold ass rain.

  8. Check it out...

  9. holy cow, what a fright! You did so well at holding it together, I'd say I would have broken down instantly. Thankfully everything is good and you got a bonus view of the babies! Looking forward to the big scan on the 8th! Fran

  10. Oh, the snow, the snow, the snow... we've been spared the last two big events, but we got hit by the three before that, so I totally understand. I'm sick of it, too. We don't usually get much snow around here (some, but never a whole, whole lot like recently).

    And I had an appointment today as well where they used the doppler, and it took for-frickin'-EVER to find them. Very nerve-wracking "A" was way down low and "B" was way up high, up to the right and above my belly button. B has always been difficult to find, though. Stinker.

    I can't wait to hear what you're having! (I mean, babies are what you're having, obviously, but I want to know the sexes!)

  11. A nap and no cooking--that is a good time! We didn't get hit too hard here. I'm glad they were just playing peek-a-boo. Whew!

  12. I think most people, at this point, are ready for spring!

    Sorry you had a big scare. I've had trouble finding the heartbeat before and it is devastatingly scary. I'm glad all is well, though!


  13. That would terrify me! You are so calm and collected, lady.

    16 WEEKS! You are cruising! Miss you... promise to keep up better!