Monday, October 19, 2009

It's a GO!

This morning, bright and early, M. and I headed in to see Dr. Hope.

The whole ride there, my stomach was in knots.

Nurse Peppy brought me back for the blood draw first. I apologized for calling her all last week in a panic, when AF was no where to be found. After explaining to her about M.'s job news, she looked relieved. She said that she could tell something had to be wrong or bothering me, because I'm usually very calm and easy going when she talks to me. As we're talking she proceeds to stick me...I'm a pretty easy stick, but today it was like a fountain! Seriously. Blood everywhere!

After we cleaned ourselves up, it was over to the ultrasound room, for my date with the va-jay-jay cam. Dr. Hope found both ovaries pretty quick, and said everything looked quiet. Yay! I don't remember how, but somehow he mentioned something about me and only having one tube. I cracked a joke about being a "one-tubed wonder" and everyone had a good laugh!

Overall, we were in and out within 30 minutes.

Nurse Peppy called this afternoon, and declared my estrogen levels perfect. The Lu.pron has done it's job and my ovaries are supressed. She told me to knock my Lu.pron dose down to 5 units and night and added 225 of Foll.istim for the next 3 evenings. I head back for more bloodwork and an ultrasound on Thursday.

No turning back now...


  1. yay!! :-)

    I'm very excited for you!


    I am so verrrrry excited and happy for you, my dear! It is here, a new, fresh, promising chance at making life. I am overjoyed for you!

    Lots of love and luck. Cannot wait to hear your updates. :)

  3. Wow! Great news! Yay for starting stims! You're really doing this, Lady! So exciting!

  4. Very exciting! Keep us updated!

  5. Alright! That's great. Let us know what happens today:)

  6. Here from LFCA...

    Good luck with everything! I really hope it works out for you. I'm sorry you're in this boat of struggles and losses. ***hugs***