Thursday, October 22, 2009


After 3 days of stimming, injecting myself with 225 iu's of folli.stim, I headed into Dr. Hope's office for blood work and an ultrasound.

He, of course, warned me that it's early and we might not see much.

And we didn't.

I think he found and measured one follicle. ONE.

The rational part of my mind tells me it's early, not to worry, trust that I just need to be patient. I wish that voice could drown out the one that is blaring through my head. The one that is screaming, "You're not responding!"

I just want to cry.


  1. Shit. I hope that is not the case.

    Even if it may be, does your endocrinologist have a Plan B?

    All the best!

  2. Ugh.

    I know your heart is in your mouth. I'm assuming they are waiting for the bloodwork to come back, and maybe pump up the dose?

    I know this is a crap place to be in. Your next scan will tell the tale. If there are follies hiding they should see them then. ((hugs))

  3. Aww, that is no good, but I believe in your follicles! You could just be a slow responder who needs an extra couple of days.

    But I am sure you are terrified. I was, constantly. Each stim check my husband would say, "that went GREAT!" and I'd always have a reason to be worried. (Surprised?)

    This journey and process are so hard. Hang in there and I am thinking of you all the time!

  4. ((HUG)) When is your next scan? I hope they bump up the follistim and that your next appointment is amazing.

    Thinking of you

  5. its early! its early! its early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    there. I just felt like you needed to hear it again. :)

  6. kmfc that you will see lots of follie snext time

  7. Oh hon! I'm sorry!!! I'm going to be optimistic and blow some sunshine up your bottom here: I's EARLY. Only three days of stimming. I know it's a kick in the gut, though. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and sending lots of follie growing thoughts to you!!!

  8. That's not the result you want from a scan, that's for sure. But like the others have said, it's early days yet and there's plenty of time for more follies to grow.


  9. Hey sweetie,
    I have to agree with everyone else, it's waaaay too soon to lose hope. Hang in there!!!