Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another Bump in the Road

I had grand intentions of writing a recap of this weekend's fun getaway with M. last night...

But that all changed even before I got home.

Usually, on my way home, I give M. a call. We fill each other in on our day and he tells me how Miss O. is doing. Last night, our phone conversation went a little differently. I was a little irked because I hadn't heard from him all day, and I've got over a week's worth of Lup.ron in me.

He sounded down, and I asked what was wrong. "Nothing.", he said, " I just had a rough day at work." When I pressed the issue, all he would say was, "We'll talk about it when you get home."


That's never good. In the 5 minutes that it took me to get home, many scenarios played out in my head. Does he have a new boss? Are they sending him out of town? Is he being transferred?

Finally, I pulled in the driveway. He met me there.

"So, the conference call today? Yeah, my company was out bid for my job."

I was speechless. What the hell does that mean???

M. will keep his job (Whew!), but he will now work for a new company. A company we know little about. He's being told that pay won't change (double whew!), but his health care will.

Our cycle, THIS cycle, is covered through HIS insurance.

Poor guy spent all day calling his insurance company. He knows we're kind of at the point of no return in this cycle, and wanted to have an answer for me before he had to tell me.

The good news?

We're covered on his existing plan until the end of November. We'll know the outcome of this cycle by then.

I feel bad for him. He really liked the company he was working for and felt like he had opportunity to move up within the company.

Whatever else happens, we'll deal with after this. My mind just can't process much else right now, you know?


Day 10 of Lup.ron tonight. Waiting on AF to show.

Will the Lup.ron delay my cycle?


  1. Ugh! I am so sorry that M has to now work with a new company, especially because he liked his old company so well. I do hope that this change brings many positives with it, though.

    You're right to take things one thing at a time. Today is all that matters. Tomorrow will work itself out.

    Not sure if lupron will delay your cycle (I only did lupron once and it was many moons ago). Hoping AF shows soon!

  2. ...and the psychic link continues.

    My guy is teetering on losing his mind. On the upside, we don't have anymore infertility coverage so I didn't have to make that call you did (nothing to lose!)

    p.s. Yes, I found that lu.pron does do something wacky there. AF was late both times I was on it.

  3. What a nightmare. I am so sorry you're having to deal with this, just as the Lup.ron crazies start to hit. Not fair.

    But good news that you're covered through November. That should give you enough time to complete this cycle.

    And yes, Lupr.on delayed my cycle, though I also had a cyst that possibly could be part of that. Doubtful, but possible. Oh, also, my cycles tend to be either 26 or 29 days, and try as I might I couldn't seem to get my clinic to understand that my period wasn't due until day 29 for that month. So I guess technically I wasn't late, but maybe. Who knows.

  4. EEK! Glad you have coverage for the next 2 months! Hopefully the next plan will have awesome prenatal care!

  5. double whew for now! I hope he likes the new company and that he has just as many opportunities there...


    no idea about lup.ron.

  6. I'm so glad he still has a job!! I was so scared you were going to say they got rid of his position...

    No idea about Lupron. Sending you lots of good vibes!!

  7. I'm glad he still has a job. I was totally freaked out too that he had lost it. And whew that you have insurance for this one.

    And yes - I found that Lupron delayed my AF for about a week. Happened all three times I did an IVF cycle.


  8. Gee, I am so glad he's not redundant! What a relief. And yet the whole chopping and changing companies is a pain. Lucky you're covered 'til the end of November though, when will you find out about the new insurance coverage?

    Hope AF shows up soon!


  9. What a scare! PHEW that he still has a job and pay!!!

  10. Oh godness! Just so glad the job is ok...but it's still tough when being thrown for a loop like that. Hope it all works out for him and glad you all have coverage for time being with things in motion! Big hugs xoxo