Saturday, October 17, 2009

In The Nick Of Time...

She finally showed her ugly face.

Of course, it couldn't be before the RE's office closed on Friday at 2pm...but I'm not complaining.

After talking to Nurse Peppy last night, who called Dr. Hope, I am very reassured. I'm feeling hopeful again.

My whole fear is over suppression. I don't know why, as I have nothing to reason why I could be over suppressed or any experience with being over suppressed, but it's my fear for right now in the cycle. I guess that's how my mind works. Gotta have something to worry about, right?

Dr. Hope gave me another reason to ♥ him last night. He's going to bend the rules for me. Apparently, the clinic has you start on stims on the Saturday of the week that you bleed. With my period showing late, I would normally have to wait until next Saturday to start my foll.istim BUT he's going to see me Monday morning.

As long as everything looks good, I'll start stims Monday night!

Thank you all for your encouraging words, virtual hugs, and really means the world to me!



    bring on the folli.stim!!

  2. Yay!!! Stimming on Monday - what a great guy to get you in to Monday!!

    Ooooh it's all systems go from here. Keep calm about over-supression, you'll be fine!


  3. Great news!! I am so glad you are over one hurdle at least. I'll be here for all the others too. :-)

  4. YAY for starting! I'm hoping this is it for you guys! *Big Hugs*

  5. I was ever-so-slightly over suppressed, but that was because of the extra week on the Lu.pron while dealing with the Effin' Cyst. Ultimately, I just started on a higher dose, and then stayed on that higher dose throughout the whole stim time. That fear you have is a real one, but these RE-types are trained professionals and they know how to wake up ovaries that are too down-regulated.

    I'm hoping for an excellent check up on Monday for you. In my case, I saw the Effin' Cyst and I lost my mind and freaked out and cried, so, you know. If you make it out without scaring the staff into thinking you need a psych consult, you'll be doing far better than I did!

  6. Nurse Peppy and Dr. Hope! I freakin' love it! Too funny!

    Glad you get to see the doc tomorrow and get going. That whole "waiting for Saturday" thing sounds sketchy to me. Wouldn't that mess with where you are in your cycle? Like, aren't the eggs already naturally cooking by then? Just sayin...

    Good luck!

  7. Oh right, I just read Kate's post and now I remember that most people are suppressed, thus their cycles can be more manipulated. I just do estrogen priming, so they start me automatically on day 4.

  8. Whooohoo, let's get this show on the road!! Best of luck.

  9. Excellent news! Here's to NO over suppression and a great stim :)


  10. Am so happy that your doc is so accomodating.

    All the very best. My best wishes are with you....