Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Self Sufficient

"I don't need any help...because I can do it myself!"

We're hearing that phrase a lot these days here at Not The Path I Chose.

It's starts in the morning with brushing our teeth.

"I wanna squeeze the toothpaste!"
"No, let me do it"
"I don't need any help, I can do it myself"

And continues throughout the day. For everything. Some days I think I can't possibly hear it one more time! I can't blame Miss O., she's just showing off her independence.

The more I hear the phrase, the more I realize that it pretty sums up how I feel right now, too.

Being stuck, waiting for this IVF cycle to begin, all I want to do is scream, at the top of my lungs, "We don't need your help...because we can do it ourselves!"

Feh, if only that was the case.

Anyhow, I'm on CD20 right now, and finally ovulating. I'm debating whether I should call the nurse tomorrow morning and see if maybe, just maybe, we could still cycle this month. Tell me if I'm crazy, but since I'm just now ovulating, and the plan is to start Lup.ron after ovulation, I wouldn't be stimming until the 2nd week of September at the earliest, I think. Which means M. would be home from his work trip by the time we would even be considering retrieval and transfer.

Of course, considering I've never gone through an IVF cycle, I could be way wrong. ;)

So, what do you think?


  1. i don't know how the ivf schedule works, but i hear something similar "i do it myself!" from my 2 yr old :) like wanting to wear boots and long sleeved shirts out..

  2. Call and ask! I (finally) got pregnant on a (non-IVF) cycle after ovulating on day 22. I was stunned, but hey, sometimes you take what you can get. It's worth calling and asking, and I don't see why not!
    For what it's worth, we've been hearing the ol' "I can do it myself--I don't need your help!" at our house lately too...something about the 4 year old... I hope the nurse says yes!

  3. We know nothing about self-sufficient little girls in this house! LOL! Totally joking.

    I'd call and ask!

  4. I've always been primed with BCP before going into an IVF cycle, so I am useless for information in this case.

    Oh, yes. We are headlong into the same "I can DO IT!" phase. So everything takess twice as long. lol.

  5. Oh, Miss O is sure a strong girl! ;)

    The policy at my clinic was always that they wanted you to not have ovulated the cycle before your IVF cycle so your ovaries rested unless there was a reason that they thought you'd get a better response without doing BCP first. Definitely ask, but sometimes they are all about what their "usual" protocol is, you know?

    Can't wait for you to start! :)

  6. I have no IVF experience, so I cannot say...but can't wait to hear about it!

    And I am that little self-sufficient little girl! :-)

  7. I don't have an answer to your IVF question, but very much identify with the feeling of wanting to do this myself.


  8. I don't have any insights on the IVF situation, but like Missy said, I can totally relate. I've been on a break for a few months and every month when I know that the big O is approaching it's hard to remind myself that we are doing this for a reason.

    Blessings on whatever you choose to do!