Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Heat Is On

It's finally summer here!

We've actually had more than 1 day of 90+, that the season is almost over.

Lately, I'm feeling really restless.

My sleeping has been bad. Like waking up 4 to 5 times a night bad. I actually took an hour nap today, I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.

I feel like I need a change. That I'm in a rut.

Don't want to cut my hair, but I might color it. I have this stupid thought in my head that I'm not cutting my hair until I have another baby. I haven't really had it cut, just trimmed since after my failed IUI cycles. I think the last time I really had any length taken off was in March of 2008! With the luck I've had, chances are that I'll keep my long hair WAY past the time I should cut it, you know, I'll be the grey haired lady pushing her buggy through the grocery store with my hair down to my butt ;)

I'm also thinking that I need to change the looks around here.

Any suggestions on hair or blog changes?


  1. hm, i got highlights after i decided that my year of depression was over. my SIL did it so it was cheap :)

    Are you reading any good books right now? I can't seem to start one these days.

  2. Really bright colors always help me out of a rut so feel free to take that advice and use it on your hair or your blog. :) Do something you wouldn't normally do. Could be fun.

  3. Color always helps me--maybe a new bright color for your blog, and buy a shirt that stands out=)

  4. I hate that feeling of stuckness. After my second miscarriage, I bought a few new summery tops and cut my hair- it felt great! Do whatever helps you feel cheery when you look in the mirror. :)

    Big hugs to you! Hope it isn't tooooo hot out there!

  5. Hey sweetie I understand the restlessness too-I think you are doing all the right things like getting back to the gym! I like the blog the way it is :)

  6. I am the LAST person you should take hair advice from. I SUCK with the hair thing. Maybe I should follow the comments here to get some ideas for myself.

    Yeah, we finally had several 90+ days here, too (not that I've been begging for them, but it just felt weird listening to the forecaster complain about heat when it hadn't even broken 90 yet. But that's the old Texan in me, I guess! In my best twang, "It ain't even WARM till it gets over a hunnerd, y'all!"

    My sleep has been sucking too lately. Here's to more peaceful rest for the both of us.

  7. Well I know someone who has free blog layouts that are super cute!

  8. I suck at what should i do with my hair questions!
    Good luck to you and the brightening up the place