Monday, August 24, 2009



I feel like it's been forever since I've posted...

After last week's "fit", Miss O. came down with a nasty head cold, which I proceeded to get on Friday. We still went out on Saturday night, because we had a babysitter...but it was rough.

Word to the wise...don't take a full dose of Ny.quil at 2am, unless you don't mind sleeping until 11am!

I'm finally feeling more like myself, but poor M. woke up with the cold this morning.


  1. Well, date nights are necessary once in a while, even if they are rough. Hope all of you are back to normal soon.

  2. Hi there! Hoping you are all feeling MUCH better very soon. Glad you still got to go out together!

  3. sleeping til 11 sounds heavenly, unless of course you're sick. Did you have a fun time on saturday anyway? I hope your dh feels better soon

  4. There's some comedian who does a bit about why the commercials always show the person taking Nyquil while already in bed, because if you take it in the kitchen, you'll wake up 12 hours later with a permanent imprint of the kitchen floor tile on your cheek, because you couldn't make it any further. I've found that to hold fairly true. I love the Nyquil, but I won't take it unless I don't mind sleeping the Sleep of A Thousand Nights.

  5. I hate how illnesses spread like wildfires through families. I hope everyone is on the mend real soon.