Friday, June 18, 2010

Thoughts, Twin Belly, and Happiness

I can't believe I haven't posted since earlier this week...being that I'm home, on bed rest, I really don't have a good excuse.

Other than the fact that I'm tired and cranky.

I've managed to successfully pass my blood pressure checks on both Tuesday and Friday at the hospital when I went in for my NST's. Whew! The babies somewhat cooperated both days, and Miss O. and I were home in under 3 hours. My body, sadly, is starting to protest walking from the parking ramp, across the pedestrian bridge, through the hospital to the elevator, up 7 floors and then around the corner to labor & delivery, though.

The dreaded pelvic pain is back, in full force.

Upon my feet hitting the floor, the pressure of these babies is unreal! Up until this point, I felt like this pregnancy wasn't much different than carrying Miss O. I take that back.

It is way different than carrying one baby.

Getting up from a laying down position to sit or stand is comical. I try to move my legs together, as to NOT split them apart, trying to stave off the sharp, shooting pain that accompanies such movement. I then try to quickly swing myself upright, as to endure as little discomfort as possible. Sometimes it works, other times I literally slither off the side of the bed, where I rest before psyching myself up to stand up.

And don't get me started on walking...

Anything more than a shuffle/waddle and the pain is enough to take my breath away. I just want to cry.

I'm amazed at what my body is doing growing these two little ones, but I'm worried that it's giving me signs that it might be about done with carrying them.

Today, I'm celebrating that we have hit the 35 weeks mark! No matter how bad I feel, the babies are still growing inside me, getting stronger everyday!

Last night, M. started playing around with the belly shots we've taken so far this pregnancy. I'm hoping he'll have to add a few more, but I thought it was really cute!

Belly progression web

I should be getting my maternity pictures we took last Sunday tomorrow, I can't wait to see them!

Finally, my heart is filled with such joy for 2 fabulous bloggers who were blessed with the births of their twins this week. Kate welcomed 2 gorgeous little boys and PJ finally met her 2 beautiful girls! I'm so happy for both of them!


  1. congratulations on 35 weeks! that is amazing!

  2. 35 weeks?!! Amazing!! You are doing such a marvelous job growing those two... :)

  3. Yeah for 35 weeks. Your belly shots are so cute, love how they are arranged. It won't be long now girl...

  4. Wowow!! I love the pictures you have posted!! Not long now my friend not long!!

  5. I love the comparison shots!! 35 weeks?!? I can't believe the babies are going to be here soon!!! I hope you get to rest a ton before they get here :)

  6. You look amazing! Grow, grow babies!!! Where the heck have I been? 35 weeks- you are rocking it!!!

  7. just popping in to say I was thinking of you! I can't believe we were so close and had no idea! If I'm ever back in the area I'll have to let you know and see if we can meet :)

  8. Congrats on 35 weeks! You are amazing; remember that!

  9. Take it easy mamma! All good things come to those who wait. You are doing a great job!

  10. Congrats on 35 weeks! That is an amazing accomplishment!

    Rest up and keep up the good work!