Monday, June 14, 2010

Rest, Rest, and REST!

Headed in this morning for my 34 week appointment...

I was concerned going in because I seemed to be more bloated than normal, but the last 2 days of heat and humidity hasn't been helping.

Surprisingly, I lost a couple of pounds again. Then the nurse took my pressure...129 over 88...not good again. Doctor stopped in and wanted to know how I was feeling. Thanks to my honesty about the amount of pelvic pressure and cramping I've been feeling, I earned myself an internal exam. The good news, just mushy, no dialation! She left me to rest for about 10 minutes and the nurse came in and rechecked my pressure. Even worse at 136 over 98! She put me on my left side and told me to think about the beach. After another wait, we rechecked the pressure again, back to 128 over 86...not good, but much better than the middle reading!

No protein in the urine saved me from them doing anything else today. Whew!

I have to head in tomorrow morning for my NST, and they will recheck my pressure again. The doctor hinted that if it's up again, she'll have them draw bloodwork there and I might be seeing the end of my "modified" bedrest orders. She also told me to go home and rest more...only getting up to use the bathroom when needed.

Here's hoping tomorrow brings much better pressures!

In other news, we now have a date for meeting the twins! If they don't decide to make their appearance earlier, or my blood pressure doesn't start behaving, we've scheduled my caesarean for July 14th...I'll be almost 39 weeks.

I really want them to bake for at least another 2 weeks, my next goal of 36 weeks...fingers crossed!

Is there anything I can do other than resting, watching my sodium intake, and drinking water to help control my pressure???


  1. Rest, rest, rest. Put up those feet girly!

  2. Lots of water, and lots of rest! I know its not fun, but you're doing great!

  3. Rest lay down on left side and elevate feet...I would put my feet up on the arm of my couch and prop myself on my left side on couch. that will hopefully keep your pressures from rising. Drink water and a LOT of it, it will help you eliminate your excess water from the swelling. As hard as it is with another kiddo at home try to stay laying down. I have a kiddo too when I was on bedrest and it was not BP did same as yours. Good luck, lots of prayers to you!

  4. 39 weeks! Ugh, I don't think I could make it that far. Course, I guess it's not up to me.

    Hope your BP behaves tomorrow. :)

  5. You are doing all the right things. One of my friends is in the same pickle right now, with GD on top. Lots of fresh fruit and veggies also help to lower bp. My friend is not eating ANY prepared foods of any kind at all, nothing that comes out of a box is how she puts it, all home prepared foods. Good luck!

  6. Eek! Hang in there...hopefully giving yourself a stricter bedrest will avoid the doctors doing that.

  7. I am so in the same boat as you right now - except for the twin thing... even with my mom staying with me, it's been hard to stay down as much as I should be. Hang in there though!!!

    I've heard that eating cucumbers and celery helps (probably all the water content) and drinking nettle tea, although I haven't tried these things hard core myself since the meds I'm on (200 mg labetalol 2x/day) seem to be doing the trick to keep me under 140/90, which = at home and still pregnant.

    Good luck!!!! Will be checking in on you!

  8. Wishing you the best. Good luck!

  9. Nothing that I know of except resing on your left side...

    GL I hope you make it to your date. :)

  10. Hey Photogrl, really hope those babies keep baking a little longer. I agree with all the other pp's. Left side, water and as little sodium as possible. Thanks so much for visiting me, I always appreciate your comments ;)

  11. Wishing you good luck! You've done a great job keeping those babies safe. I know the bedrest days can drag on, but it's so worth it.