Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halfway There

Only two more days.

Thursday, I just have to get to Thursday. And M will be home. Yay. I finally talked to him tonight. His presentation went well, and he's enjoying meeting people and putting faces to names.

I'm jealous that he is in Orlando...warm, sunny, and the land of Mickey. Where I am, it's gray, cold, and snow is in the forecast. Boo! I should have found a flight and traveled with him. I could have hung out at the pool during the day.

Miss O. is confused. She keeps asking whether Daddy will be home soon. How do you explain a business trip to a 4 year old? I overheard her tonight playing with some dolls, "I have to leave now on a busy-ness trip. See ya later alligator."

I felt bad picking her up from daycare, and taking her to the YMCA, where I put her in child watch while I tried to run. Tried, because every. treadmill. was. taken. This is why I like to go in the morning, early, while M and Miss O are sleeping. A half hour workout ended up being an hour due to the wait. Ugh.

Two more days.


  1. Sounds like you are doing a marvelous job. 2 more days. And then one more day. And then it's here!