Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Good news, maybe?

My heart has a little bit of hope now.

It finally dawned on me that M's company is based out of Illinois. And so is his medical insurance! Illinois is one of only a handful of states that mandate insurance companies to cover infertility treatment. The state that we reside in has nothing like that in place, and we're insured under my work's insurance.

So, open enrollment is this month. And we've decided to enroll M and myself. We'll still keep my family plan at work, but in essence, M and I will be double covered. The monthly fee will be well worth it, if it means we can move forward with the RE.

I'm not even banking on IVF, I would love to just have some of the medicines, like injectables covered, you know? With only one tube, I'm not willing to drop a couple thousand on injectable meds for a cycle that would be called off due to left sided follies, you know?

Let's see, $2,080 dollars out of pocket up front, or $12,000? I think I'm ready to roll the dice and see if maybe 2009 will be a sticky pregnancy year.

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  1. Photogrl! Thank you for your anniversary wishes on my blog.

    I know secondary infertility ... it hurts. A lot. That sounds like awesome news about your hubbies insurance. I get so cranky and sad when I read about my lovely American peeps and how much they have to pay, for baby making stuff. We're lucky, down here in Oz. May your journey be short! xo