Thursday, October 6, 2011

To Wean Or Not To Wean...

...that is the question.

And I have NO idea how to do either, anymore.

Things have been a little rough here at Not The Path I Chose over the last 2 weeks.

I swear both Pretty Girl and Big Boy are teething and having a growth spurt at the same time.

Big Boy, who usually sleeps through the night has been getting up wanting a bottle in the middle of the night, and is just restless when he does sleep.

Pretty Girl has yet to sleep through the night. I was okay with her getting up once a night to nurse, but that one nursing session has somehow become an "all night buffet".

I'm not dealing well with that.

As for weaning, I've been following her lead. We're done to 3 feedings during daylight hours. She usually nurses upon waking, once mid-morning OR mid-afternoon, and then at bed time. I let her dictate, I try to follow her lead.

It seems that she's ok without the bre.ast during the day, but then won't give it up at night!

My poor nips are SO sore. She has 8 teeth now, and likes to use them. My sleep, that was already poor, is worse. I feel like I've been thrust back to those sleep deprived infant days, where I was getting up every 2 hours.

I feel helpless.

M. and I have talked about him getting her to soothe, instead of me. The problem is that she knows I'm there, and doesn't want him. I've talked about sleeping downstairs, so I'm not available...I don't know. Maybe we'll try that this weekend, when he doesn't have to work the same day.

So, BFing mommas out there...what did you do? Have you experienced this? Help!


  1. Oh man...I have absolutely no advice. Hopefully something gives soon and kiddos starting sleeping better and not needing to nurse as much *hugs*

  2. I'm sorry, I have no advice either. Wishing you progress though!

  3. I sooo feel your pain - we're in the same neck of the woods with our 15 mo. For us, having my husband take over night duty (effectively night weaning) did not reduce night waking at all - giving water instead of milk had no effect either. The only thing that has resulted in longer sleep has been lulls in teething. Not much we can do about that but gut through it. That's us though - I know others have had much better experiences.

    The best advice on sleep issues I ever read was from Ask Moxie - decide on a tactic, try it for a week, and if it doesn't work, try something else - but give it a week to work.

  4. I'd opt for trying the daddy soothing routine at night (with you somewhere else). There's nothing like an all night buffet to put a damper on your bf'ing relationship. :(

  5. I don't remember much about night weaning...exhaustion sort of blurred it all. So in good news, some day you will look back on this time and not remember much. In bad news, it sucks while you are in it. I did what you are considering, had my husband take over night soothing duties. It eventually worked, but I won't lie, it was a struggle and took weeks. And he still nursed once a night for some time after that, but I could deal with once a night over like...5 times. Oy. But my kid was a horrible sleeper to begin with. When I weaned for good, I told my son the boobs had owies and were broken, and that actually worked?? I know I am not helping here, (sorry) will get through it, and you aren't alone. Hang in there! And I agree with the person who said pick one thing and stick with it for at least a week.

  6. Make sure they are comfortable in their jammies and room temperature. Mabye some sort of music soothing (f.isher price aquarium or cloud b animals) would help sleeping. With biting I would tell E sternly-no- and take her off the breast. That seemed to help with the biting. For weaning I believe in what works best for your family. Every baby is different. I think with parenting a lot of it is trial and error. Hang in there!