Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Someday I'll Laugh

You know those moments, when you just feel so overwhelmed/angry/upset, but know that someday you will be able to look back and laugh?

Sunday was one of those moments.

It was a gorgeous day here, sunny, unusually warm. M. and I decided to waterproof/protect the new wooden swing set before the weather turns. I ran to the local hardware store to pick a gallon of water sealer and a few brushes.

Once home, for some reason, I brought the gallon of sealer inside with the bag of brushes and set it on the dining room table. Then I ran upstairs to grab some socks for the twins, so they could put on shoes and go outside with us.

As I'm walking back down the stairs, I hear M. yell, "Oh, G-d, NO!", then hear a loud thump, followed by Big Boy crying. I rush down the stairs, run through the living room, scared at what I'm going to see when I turn the corner to the dining room.

Nothing could have prepared me for it.

The contents of the entire gallon of sealer was in a puddle on the dining room floor carpet!

Thankfully, even though he had pulled it down, Big Boy was fine. It didn't touch him, just scared him. That's what's most important. How he was strong enough to do it, I don't know, but I'm still mad at myself for putting it there, even though I thought it was far enough from the edge so they couldn't reach it.

M. and I looked at each other in disbelief. Now what?

He grabbed old towels and we went to work trying to sop up as much as we could. I then sent him next door to see if they had a carpet cleaner to try and clean it up quickly.


The twins were crying in the pack n' play where I stuck them to keep them out of the mess.

An hour later, we still had a huge, wet, brown stain on the carpet, but I felt it was at least safe to let the kids out of the pen.


Ultimately, I know that I'll laugh about it. How can you not? Big Boy is fine, I'm only out $15 for the sealer, and now I have a reminder on my floor to not leave ANYTHING on the dining room table.

I guess we'll be tearing up the carpet and finishing the hard wood soon rather than later now....


  1. Uh oh! That's gonna be one long term reminder. ;(

    Glad the carpet was the only thing hurt in this escapade.

  2. Oh my word! We have had many of those moments, ha ha. You DO laugh at some point. But hey - great thing is no one got hurt and you think you'll get to your hardwood floors sooner than later! Woo hoo for that!

  3. I agree--you had to laugh. Big Boy wasn't hurt and that's what matters. It is amazing the things they can reach!

  4. Oh man...bummer. Thank goodness your little H-Man didn't get hurt. Boys I tell ya LOL.

  5. Oh noo!! Thankfully the damage was limited! But yep...lesson learnt!

  6. We are at this stage too - Ethan just snagged a steak knife off the counter last night (by the handle thankfully) and there's NO WAY that thing was anywhere close to the edge.... I'm not ready for this yet!!!

  7. sometimes laughing is the only way to keep from crying!!!

  8. Oh goodness! I've had that happen...and it was adults involved not kiddos.

    Good incentive to redo the floors :-)

  9. Oh no!! I'm so sorry that happened. It is def the age. Adelyn is in to EVERYTHING!!!

  10. That is totally something you will laugh about, especially when you are refinishing the floors :) I am so glad he was okay though!

    I have been so behind on my blog reading but I'm trying to catch up and have loved reading yours! Hope you are doing well.

  11. Hi sweetie, I wonder if it's ok with you for me to add your blog to a list I'm putting together for the project Ectopic Pregnancy Ireland. I'll be working at a blog for the charity and I think it's so important for those currently experiencing ep to see that there's hope. Let me know, Fran

  12. Oh noooooo...but I have to laugh at the picture of the twins looking over the mess!