Thursday, November 4, 2010

Show & Tell : Date Night

Last Saturday night, M. and I had the opportunity to actually go out for a few hours without the kids!

It was the first time since May, when we went away for our anniversary. M. didn't get off work until 8 that night, so his parents came over to our house because everyone should have been in bed. This was a big step, usually we take Miss O. to them, plus we added 2 babies!

So, where did we go?

A romantic dinner?

Catch a movie?

Out for coffee & conversation?

No, none of the above...

As we left our home, THIS is what we looked like:

web costume

Yup, Bert & Ernie!

Not very romantic, but we headed out to a small costume party for a few hours.

I felt like Cinderella with a midnight curfew, but I had a great time mingling with former co-workers and catching up with friends.

Hopefully, we can have another "date night" soon!

Oh, since you've seen the twins in their costumes and now M. and I, here's Miss O.

Web tink

My Tinkerbell


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