Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Setting My Mind To It

Since the twins were born, finding time to do anything that I enjoy has definitely gone to the back burner.

Rightfully so, the way it should have.

Now that they are nearing the 4 month mark, and are starting to fall into some patterns and, dare I say it, somewhat of a's time for me to claim at least a small sliver of "me" time back.

I've missed blogging.

I miss reading and commenting on other blogs.

I miss spewing my thoughts out onto the keyboard.

That's where NaBloPoMo comes in.

I'm accepting Suzy's challenge, and I'm going to post everyday for the next 30 days.

My hope is that this will help me feel a little more like "me" these days.

Help me find my writing mojo again and give me a reason to go back over all the drafts I have, clean them up and hit publish.

Won't you join us?


  1. I'm so glad you're doing this! Can't wait to read your adventures!!!

  2. You go, girl! I can't post even three times a month! HA! I understand the lack of time completely, but more power to you!

  3. YAY!! I'll follow along as I try to do the same!

  4. Yay! Glad you are going to be in my google reader every day :)

  5. Brave, brave woman!!! ;0)

    I'll enjoy reading, but am still not quite there as far as regular time to blog... good luck!