Saturday, January 23, 2010


I haven't posted in over a week.


Someone is slacking. *looks around*

This last week, I've been trying to make a dent in my go.ogle rea.der and then ICLW started. I enjoy it so much, and make sure to comment and read new blogs, but often my own blog suffers.

Oh, well.

So, if you're stopping by for ICLW or a regular reader, I apologize.

If you haven't stopped by here's a quick rundown on me. I'm Photogrl, who's been married to M. for almost 8 years. We were quickly blessed with Miss O. almost 6 years ago. Once we decided to add to our family, we found out that conceiving number 2 was not going to be easy. Four years, 5 losses, and one tube later, our first IVF cycle was successful and we're expecting twins!

For a laugh, because I still can't believe it happened, I'll leave you with a picture of me after going out to lunch with my sister this afternoon. I was boxing up Miss O.'s leftover pasta, and somehow it ended up flying off the table, all over me and landing pretty close to the next table.

Here's the damage...


SO embarrassing!


  1. Oh No! Hope you had fun at lunch though!

  2. Well, I guess when lunch is on you--its really on YOU! lol

  3. Well, even though you stayed came back with wonderful news...(normal 'all is well' is wonderful), and a funny pic....I hope the lunch went fantastic....All the best!

  4. Hello! Found you through ICLW. I am also pregnant with twins after IVF, so I am excited to follow your journey.

    Completely inappropriate.. and probably illegal comment that your boss made. i am planning to go back, but my advice to folks that are not sure has always been to say that you are definitley coming back to work, and then if you need to change your mind, do it.

    It's not appropriate for him to tell you what you can and can't do! you CAN definitely do it, you may just choose not to.

    Wow - sorry I got on my soapbox on your blog! :)

    Best of everything in this pregnancy!

  5. Oh no! you poor thing! Much love and happy ICLW week to you too. Fran

    ICLW #90

  6. I think my google reader is up to 160 or more posts unread. Don't feel bad!


  7. Some days I can't even begin to get through my Reader. It's either Reader or posting to my own blog, and these days, not a whole lot of either.

    I don't know whether the whole-body stain is worse, or the embarrasing pregnant "dark side of the moon" stain that you walk around with all day, with people staring at you, thinking, 'Ugh, there goes another pregnant lady who has clearly let herself go!' At least with the whole body stain, they can tell there was clearly a major mishap, not just a starving fat lady scarfing down hummus as quickly as possible, not noticing that a giant glop of it landed on the wrong side of the baby bump...

  8. I've been slacking big time, too! I'm glad you got a chance to come over today and leave a comment.

    I cannot wait to meet the twins! Are you starting to feel itchy about buying things?

  9. You think that pasta is bad? Try double the spit up from twins! Lookin' good;-)

  10. Hey Photogrl
    Don't worry about the slacking. If you go AWOL I always know you'll be back. I'd rather you be resting than commenting on my blog anyway, whatever you need to do to feel well. Take care!!
    PS. thanks for answering my 'question!'

  11. That is so totally something I would do! (actually I ended up wearng some chicken stock tonight while making dinner)

    Glad that all is going well!

  12. Yikes! Hope you had a nice lunch. Were you able to save the shirt?

  13. I sucked at ICLW last month due to the holidays and this month we went to CO during it. Oops.

    How exactly did that food fly all over you??? :)