Thursday, June 19, 2008

Another Letter

I've been looking for a new job.

I had a job that I loved, then about six months ago, my company merged with a new company. The job I loved was yanked out from under me because I cost the company too much $. I stayed with the company in a new position, and took a pay cut. A big one. Like 25% of my income, big.

What does this have to do with a blog on secondary infertility? Let me explain.

I took the pay cut, the new position, because in my mind, that's what I needed to do to get pregnant. The job I loved was a very physically demanding job, my job now, not so much. I thought that it was a sign that I just needed to slow down, listen to my RE and viola, I'd get a sticky pregnancy.

That has not happened.

And I'm stuck in a job that I dislike greatly. What you gonna do? So, about three weeks ago I started actively job seeking. Sent out a few resumes and such. Haven't heard a peep from any thing. Until today.

I received my first rejection letter. *sigh* And, I don't think I'm pregnant, either.

1 comment:

  1. boo! that sucks. when i was applying for legal jobs i got a rejetion letter weekly. it was awful. i hope it wasn't a form letter. that's even worse.
    but then again, nothing, barring death or that of a loved one-is worst than.not.being.pregnant.
    i hope! you are wrong and are knocked up in a big way.