Sunday, December 12, 2010

Head Rush

It's December 12th.


As the twins grew older and I got a little more sleep, I thought I'd start to get a routine down. Find a *little* time for least know what day it is! I swear I'm still losing days at a time.

I've got a few minutes to type, so I'm going to try and update what's been going on here.

Here's the down and dirty, quick version...

Thanksgiving was wonderful. We traveled North to my aunt's house where we gathered and celebrated with my mother's family. At last count, there were 40 of us there for dinner. Two turkeys, a bucket of mashed potatoes, and 6 pies later, everyone was full and happy. Many times during the day I thought about how thankful I was that the twins were here and everyone was enjoying them.

I'm an aunt to a nephew! My little sister gave birth on December 2nd to a very healthy little boy, a true miracle baby. All the tears I shed worrying she'd get pregnant before me and then the guilt for feeling that way once she and her hubby started to struggle became distant memories the moment I held him in my arms. Being just under 5 months younger than the twins, I'm sure they'll be great playmates in a few years!

Miss O. has been crazy busy with preparing and practicing for a holiday ice show. My little gumdrop is participating in a version of the Nutcracker on ice. Last night was the first performance, and I felt WAY out of my element in the locker room trying to get her ready. I didn't realize what a "club" this was! It probably didn't help that the twins and their stroller took up half the locker room space...we didn't have glitter spray, I didn't have her hair done the right way and over all was just lost. A few of the glances I saw directed at us were pure exasperation! Oh well, live and learn. I'm glad that it's least for a year.

There is yet to be a Christmas decoration up in my household. By this time of the month, I usually have at least 3 trees up, my village, and the stockings hung. I just don't have time to even get down to the basement to get the decorations upstairs...And don't even ask how the shopping is going!

Big Boy has found his feet. It's hilarious to watch him grab and talk to them, if I leave them uncovered. It seems that if he can't see his toes, they don't exist! LOL. Pretty Girl has mastered rolling over and loves the exer.saucer. I can't believe they'll be 5 months old tomorrow.

So, that's my quickie update. What's going on with you? Are you ready for the holidays?


  1. We got decorations up yesterday but haven't even started shopping & I have 15 nieces & nephews! Congrats on becoming an Aunt!

    Can you believe it's been 5 months already!? Hope your schedule continues to get better.

  2. Congratulations Auntie!!!

    I'm more ahead this year with purchasing things but my tree has been up for a while with not a decoration hung. It has lights and an Angel. I hope to get a tree skirt around it but I think I'm ok with no decorations. Next year. This year I think it would just be drama with Katherine over messing with them.

  3. last year I had a really hard time with decorating the house. Mainly because I was so.freaking.pregnant. This year is a bit better. Although, we've changed some decorations around since Isaac is determined to get into every thing.

    Congratulations on becoming an aunt!
    Hmm, what's going on with us? Isaac's walking! I've been dehydrating fruit, and my dear husband has been traveling. That's my life in a paragraph.

  4. Finally got our 3 trees and 3 garlands and house lights up last week. It was a week long messy process of decorating between feedings and diaper changings, but it's done! PHEW!!!

  5. I'm still pulling out decorations here and's hard because everything is in the store room/attic, which is right next to A's room upstairs. I'm doing what I can.

    Sounds like you guys have been running ragged: Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving though.

    Congrats on being an Auntie!
    As for the word: ONLINE! Seriously!


  6. No decorations? OY VEY!

    Congrats on becoming an aunt!

    Nutcracker on Ice with tots sounds adorable!

    We have been fully decorated for about a week and a half and I only have a few family gifts left to get...oh and ALL of Miles'! ACK!

  7. Aaaaaaand take a breath. :) Nobody ever said decorating the week before Christmas was a bad thing so lets hope that maybe you get a tree up at least. :)

  8. sounds like a great update!! and congrats on your new nephew :)

  9. Congrats auntie! I am so happy for your family.

    Me, Ready for the holidays? Umm not even close, at least we have the tree up. The other things, ha!

    Have you played with your new toy yet? So glad to hear it made it on it's cross country journey.

    Okay back to the grind. Sending lots of hugs.


  10. Congrats on becoming an Aunt!!

    If you hang AN ornament and wrap A present, that is holiday enough in my book :) ((hugs!))