Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just Keep Swimming

Where do the days go?

Considering I'm back into a lack of sleep haze, thanks to the twins learning to roll over, who knows?

On Thanksgiving, Pretty Girl finally figured out how to roll. Two days later, Big Boy mastered it, too. They roll every time you put them on their back. Every time. So, just like that, we stopped swaddling them at night. Add in a little bit of teething, as their fingers are in their mouths non-stop and we've got the perfect storm for not sleeping at night.

I find myself quoting Dory from Dis.ney's film, "Finding" every few hours as a pep talk.

"Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming."

The sleepless nights won't last forever, but when you're in the midst of them, it sure seems like they will. I'm just trying to get through the days, and hoping this will pass quickly.

I need another cup of coffee.


  1. I'm sorry! Sleepless nights are the worst. Addy has yet to roll from back to front & so far I am fine with that! I hope they get back to sleeping through soon!

  2. Enjoy the coffee :) Aw, they're getting so big already!

  3. You poor thing!! Wish I lived closer and I'd bring you coffee!

    That is a good quote. I think I just stumbled around mumbling, "Now I know why they use not sleeping as a torture method..."

  4. Funny... I said those same words when I was in the sleepless nights phase. I will need them again when we do it all over next year. Maybe you could remind me that it does pass when my time comes. :)

  5. oh man! Those new "tricks" are so rough!