Thursday, July 1, 2010

No Sleep Here

I've been up since about's shortly after 6 o'clock now.

I awoke to a painful contraction that left me wide awake. After about 3 more of those, I decided to take a shower, just in case.

After the shower, I laid back down on my left side and continued to contract.

I gave up sleeping around 4:30am, and headed downstairs to track what's going on...

Not a whole lot.

I'm contracting anywhere from 5 to 20-some minutes apart. Enough to keep me up, but not enough to be regular.

I wonder if today will be the day...


  1. The babies could be getting ready to come out. I'm sorry you didn't get much sleep.

  2. OH YAY!!! I'm so excited for you.

    But I'm sorry that you are starting this out without much sleep - dislike!

    (and, um, my word verification is "gitorn" - hope you don't "get torn")

  3. I'm in the same boat!! Keep getting contractions at night that keep me up and make me wonder, then daytime comes and they slow down. Ugh! Hopefully we are both able to get some sleep tonight!

  4. Hopefully you can take a nap today???

  5. woo hoo! If today is not the day, I hope you get some rest!


  7. Shave your legs immediately!!

    For some reason, that seemed like the right thing to do in my case. HHAHAhAha

    thinking of you!

  8. So excited for you! I've been crappy at commenting but am so geeked for you! I hope that the contractions are not too bad and that you will meet those beautiful babies with smooth sailing! I agree - totally go shave your legs, water the plants, or whatever it is pregnant people on the way to the hospital do :-) Thanks for the info on the muscle milk and all the kind words - thinking of you and those little ones!