Friday, December 11, 2009

Let's Talk About...


Otherwise known as the reason ALL my shirts are too short all of a sudden.

I've never been small busted.


I started having to wear a bra in 4th grade. I was teased something awful. It's probably why for the rest of my elementary career, I wore a jacket all day long, no matter what the season.

Seven years ago, when I was first pregnant with Miss O., I filled out a D cup nicely. About halfway through my pregnancy with her, I was a DD. Still manageable. By the end, only a DDD would do.

After I lost all my pregnancy pounds and then another 30, I was back down to a DD. I made peace with my chest, even though it was much different than before I was pregnant. I found out that bras with a little support, ideally from Bry.ant, worked best for me.

I started this IVF cycle, comfortable in my DD's.

That is NOT the case anymore.

My body is changing. My pants still fit, albeit a little snug in the waist. Trying to squeeze into my favorite bras has become a nightmare. My DD's now give me the lovely 4 boob know, like you have 4 seperate brea.sts sprouting off your chest.

Thank goodness, I kept 3 of the DDD's from when I lost weight.

Those are the most comfortable. The band size is a little large, but at least I'm not spilling out of the cups. I'm trying to extend my non-maternity wardrobe by teaming my too short shirts with long tanks, but that doesn't always work.

I'm SO thankful for the changes, I really am.

I just don't want to have to buy new bras yet.


8 weeks today.

I'm still so tired. I'm trying to keep up with you all, even if I'm not commenting as much. I promise that once I can keep my eyes open past 9:30 at night, I will be a better blogger!

Another ultrasound is scheduled for Monday.


  1. LOL I've always been lacking a bit "on top", so needless to say I am thrilled! I can totally understand the sleepiness. It is just starting to get better now.

  2. just wait until that milk comes in! sheesh! I swear I have to buy like 4 sizes of bra's between pregnancy and nursing.

  3. Checks reader... um, 89 posts unread. Don't feel bad. :)

    Bras frustrate me. I'm doing the Lane Bryant Tshirty ones which only work because they are worn and stretched out. I really need to buy some more, but I detest the whole "breaking in" period, and with sore boobs I don't think that'll be fun. Probably TMI.

  4. I found that after some of the IVF drugs wore down, even thought I was pregnant my breasts lost a bit of their swelling (thank god). I too am a DD and am afraid by the end of this thing I'll have lunch lady football sized boobs. YIKES!

  5. LOL. It gets better, but you know that. :) It does suck, though when your shirts become too short just because of the HUGE boobs!!!

    Hang in there with the fatigue. Only a few more weeks till you're done with the first trimester.....

  6. I loved the boobs-part of pregnancy and bfing - I only ever made it into a B so I'm completely envious of your DDDs!

  7. I missed your last post... TWINS!! Wow. I completely understand your hesitation to start buying two cribs, a double stroller, and umpteen million diapers, but WOW!!

    I am usually a 34/36 DD or DDD but have settled into a 36I nursing bra ( Never knew bras came in size 'I'. These have been the best bras so far for me this time around:-)

  8. I used to wear my BFF's bras on my head when she was pregnant, so I feel your pain (in a round about way). I am sure while you are so excited about this pregnancy, there is a little boob fear going on for the day your milk comes in. :) It's still so exciting though so other than the boob I am so happy for you!

  9. HA! That is me! I was a D before getting pg, DD during pg, and now while still BF'ing, a whopping G! "O.M.G.," my mom says (who is maybe a B) "I didn't even know they went that high in the alphabet!" Thanks Mom....

  10. Old Navy has the best maternity tops and usually on sale online! They are super long so they end up being great for busty gals. Not to mention they'll grow with you!