Monday, December 21, 2009

Being An Elf

I don't remember being so worn out from getting ready for Christmas.


Maybe it's because I didn't start doing anything for the holiday until a week ago.

This weekend, I almost finished shopping, started baking cookies, and wrapped gifts. I still have to get a few things for M. but otherwise my shopping is complete. All the gifts are wrapped, and I have about 12 dozen of cookies made, and some fudge.

I still have to make "buckeyes" finish off the "snow peaks" with chocolate and my baking will be done.

Are you ready for the holidays?


  1. thankfully, I had a drive to finish everything before this baby boy was born. Otherwise, I would've been up a creek with out a paddle!

  2. It's the pregnancy fatigue! It started with me about the time I got my first beta. I am just now recovering from it, I'd say the past 8-10 days I've had a lot more energy.

    I didn't do much this year, I finished my online shopping these past few days, and I still have three gifts to buy.

    I think making two people is a good excuse though. :)

  3. :)

    we're doing a low key Christmas at home. woot!!

  4. Late or not, I know you will do it wonderfully!

    Happy Christmas!

  5. Impressive. Good job! I'm just about there. I just need to wrap a few things...okay, everything...and we'll be good to go!

  6. I just checked in after weeks of not reading... congratulations!!! I am SO freaking excited for you! I will not be such a bad bloggy friend anymore! :)

  7. Wow. I now feel like the biggest slacker on the earth after reading your marathon of baking goodness. Great job.

  8. You've been busy! I'm tired just from reading about the baking you've done.

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  9. I think now I can say I am ready. We are currently getting a huge snowstorm which is causig a bit of a headache. Tell Miss O to have a fabulous Christmas. And you and M have a wonderful Christmas as well.

    Hugs from Liddy and E!

  10. Merry Christmas!

    I'm going to have to agree with PJ on the whole growing-two-babies fatigue thing. You're doing better than I was at this stage of the game! All that!