Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cake Time

Last Saturday, I had a great time working on another cake.

My favorite cousin's daughter was turning 4 and she was having a duel party with another little cousin who was turning 2. The theme was "Wizard of Oz".

The first step was creating the ruby slippers, the pieces for the rainbow, and the witch's hat and broom.

pieces of Oz cake

Next, I stacked the tiers, iced them emerald green and rolled out a yellow brick road out of fondant.

iced & fondant "road" done

I took some more of the green icing and piped grass all around the road and the tiers.

grass piped on

Once we drove the 2 hours to the party, I finished the cake by adding the extras...

almost done!

close up of top

I hope it makes you smile!


  1. Cool! Makes me hungry. LOL!

  2. That turned out awesome! You have an amazing talent for that!

  3. This is Fantastic!!! You are so talented!!

  4. Hey Photogrl that is absolutely gorgeous I am so impressed!!! :)

  5. LOVE the cake! So cute!

    PS...There is a gift waiting for you!!!! Use this link to check it out...

  6. Girl I love you! That is just so awesome!!! Do you have a cake shop or is this something you do just to do it?!

  7. I have just one word for that cake: Super-dee-duper-nifty-licious!

  8. That is totally insano-awesome. I'm so impressed.

  9. Awesome cake! :) It did make me smile.

    And yahoo that your u/s is coming up!

  10. you are so talented!!

    (I really wonder what makes our brains tick. Someone else chose the exact same words my brain picked. lol.)

  11. Stopping over from Cherish This Baby's blog to take a peek. If she highlighted you on her award, you must be great!

    I love the cake! You are very talented. I hope the kiddos loved it.

    Congrats on the pregnancy. I pray all goes well.

  12. You are getting better at decorating than I am!!! It looks great!