Thursday, September 10, 2009


All week, it seems like I'm just going in circles.

Adjusting to Miss O.'s new schedule has been a LOT harder than I thought it would be. I've finally found some time to sit down and spill some thoughts onto the keyboard. It's not going to be pretty, but I think the easiest way to get it all out is list form.

~ I'm still trying to get used to getting up at 6:30 in the morning.

~ Scouring the Internet looking for baby shower cake ideas. The cake is to be delivered on Sunday.

~ I've received a bunch of wonderful snail mail from "Braces Bunch" members. Thank you SO much!

~ My sister's IVF cycle was cancelled after stimming for 8 days. She only had 2 follies.

~ Pretty sure Miss O. stole a milk to eat with her packed lunch on Tuesday. She has had to learn a 6 digit code for lunch/milk at the cafeteria, but she says she didn't punch it in at lunch. Hmmm.

~ I'm 3 for 3 making it to the gym this week! That's 3 more times that I've worked out than the last 2 weeks combined.

~ Talked to the RE, and I'm set to go in for blood work on October 5th. As long as I've ovulated by then, I'll start Lup.ron that day, too!

~ Figuring out how to pull dinner off at night. I don't get home until after 6pm and poor Miss O. is ready for bed by 8pm. Suggestions welcomed!

~ Made some rockin' Butterscotch Banana Bread last week. Everyone in my family liked it, which is a miracle with how picky M. can be!

~ Debating on trying to train for a 5K. The race would be Oct. that possible while on injections?

~ Presi.dent Ob.ama is set to visit my "area" next Tuesday...means a CRAZY day for work. *sigh*

~ Going to try and send some snail mail out to "bunchers"...and work on my crafts. I've got a lot of free evening time now that Miss O. goes to bed early!

~ I have 27 days to try and get some more weight off. Considering I gained 4 pounds in the last 2 weeks, I'd love to get at least those off! Anything extra would be a bonus.

So, there's a look into my brain. Pretty boring, no? I promise a better post soon!


  1. woot for the gym!!!

    i'm sorry about your sisters canceled cycle.

    um, make food on weekends and then freeze it? and then defrost in the fridge? i'm thinking like lasagna type stuff. or can your dh cook?

    i wouldn't train for a 5k while on injectibles but my last cycle my ovaries were ginormous.


  2. What about Rachel Ray's cookbook "30-Minute Meals"? Not sure if you're a fan of her or not but less than 30 minutes to get dinner done sounds like a good idea!

    And I hear you on not being used to waking up so early yet. Ugh!

  3. I'm a huge fan of the site for quick and easy meals. I love reading the "suggestions" from others- it always adds to the dish!

  4. 6:30 in the morning should be banned. It's not humane to be awake and functional that early so kudos to you if you are!

    So sorry to hear your sister's news, I was the same (only 2 follies after 8 days) but they let me go ahead - my choice, I wonder why they cancelled her?

    You great big fit-gym-chick you. Your 3 times this week is better than my whole year. Well done, the weight'll be dropping off you. (I would do intensive training while in a stim cycle though.)

    As for your dinners, we have the same issue so I tend to cook 2 or 3 huge meals over the weekend and freeze dinner-sized portions. My slow-cooker helps so much with this. Also, whenever I cook I make twice as much as I need so there's freezer-fodder. I love the freezer!

    Can you post your Butterscotch Banana Bread recipe please, it sounds delish.

    Bring on October 5th!

  5. Oops, typo ... I *wouldn't* do intensive training during a stim cycle (actually I would never do intense training!).

  6. Uggh. 6:30 a.m. SUCKS!

    Snail mail is the best. Man, I LOVE getting packages!

    Sad for your sister. That's just unfair.

    Heh. My friend's kid was following the rest of the kids from her bus into the cafeteria each morning and eating a second breakfast, because all the other kids from their neighborhood get free lunch (and thus, free breakfast), and she didn't know that she wasn't supposed to. And when her mom asked her about it, she said that she only ate the extra breakfast on days when they had cinnamon rolls or pancakes (you know, the good, sugary stuff that mom wouldn't give her at home). She cracks me up!

    YAAAAAY for making it to the gym! That's awesome! I am trying to force myself to spend 30-45 minutes walking each night, and so far, have only done this once in the last two days. But today is a new day, right?

    Woohoo for starting in October! That's coming up quick!

    Quick dinner for us is spaghetti with jarred sauce, and steamed broccoli and/or salad. Or sometimes, if we're craving comfort food, we do smoked sausage toasted in a skillet, steamed broccoli/salad, and Kraft macaroni and cheese. Fast and yummy.

    Mmm. Butterscotch is my favorite!

    Training and racing should be fine on Lup.ron, but not if you start stimming before the race-- no running while stimming, is what I've heard. However, if you start L.upron on the 5th, you should be okay through the 10th. The bigger question is whether you think you can train for and be ready to run 5k in (essentially) 4 weeks! I remember that you trained for that distance before- how long has it been since you've run that far? It may not take much training to get there, in which case, you should be fine. But if it's been a while, that might be one more stress that you don't need to add before starting a cycle.
    I, myself, am SUPER PISSED that this year's 5k race (the anniversary event of the first 5k I ever ran) is on Oct. 10th, and as I will just be coming off of a cycle, pregnant or not, it's not the best idea to run one when ovarian torsion is at stake (which I hear is a possibility for up to a month after quitting stims). So no anniversary event for me. Grr.

    All of the above is just my opinion, of course. Others may know more than me, but as I understand it, you're okay while in the down-regulation phase of your cycle.

    Oh, I need to do some crafting, too. I am seriously feeling my creative edge starting to wane a bit, and I don't like that!

    And GRRR with weight gain. As you can see in my latest post, I've been growling about it myself over these last couple of days. I would really love to stay at (or near) my precycle weight, but looks like that won't be happening.

    (And no. I pronounce your brain perfectly, 100% NOT boring...)

  7. I say train for the 5K you will end up pregnant! your plate is full full full, praying this cycle works for you! HUGS and fingers and toes crossed!

  8. On the training for a 5k during injections - yuppers it's possible! On IVF#2 I was training for a 10k and I think I was on day9 or something like that of stims when I did the run. As long as your ovaries aren't all bloated and uncomfortable, I say no reason not to.

    And fine, lots of doctors tell you not to exercise hard blah blah blah - but I got pregnant after 3 long years of infertility while training for a half marathon (after stopping exercising, or exercising minimally during some cycles as per doctors orders). Don't get me started on the wonders of exercise for helping your body out:-)

  9. I am making a baby bum cake in a couple of weeks. Check out el bloggy (can click on the baking label) for a practice one I made 2 weeks ago. It is precious! There are directions on

    Yeah for 3 days in the gym. That is mad dedication in my opinion.