Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Seat Warmer Gone Wild!

A week ago, I started to drive home from work. It's been quite cold in my neck of the woods lately, so I would start my car, turn on my seat warmer, and brush and/or scrape off the windows. That's exactly what I did last Tuesday night.

My commute is quite short. As in less than a mile and a half. I can honestly say that I can get to work in less than five minutes. I know you're jealous ;)

So, anyhow...I hopped into my car after brushing a little bit of snow off and began the drive home. Two blocks from the TV station, I felt a little more heat than I usually feel on my lower back. Hmm, I thought that's weird. Another block passed, and I began to smell something burning. That's when I decided to turn off the seat.

I pulled into my driveway, got out of the car, and looked at the seat. I couldn't believe my eyes!


I ran into the house and yelled at M..."My seat warmer burner through my seat!" He didn't believe me, until I turned around and he saw the hole in my jacket!


It just got worse from there. I took off my coat and sure, enough my pants were burned too!


Please ignore the large size of my behind! Haha.

I had no idea that seat warmers could do this. We called the dealership, and they got me in the next morning. Of course, my car's warranty is expired, and they claim they aren't responsible. I don't know how I could have keep the thing from burning through, but if I want it fixed, that'll be $700! Seriously.

Needless to say, I'm sans seat warmers right now and will be shopping for a seat cover.


  1. omg, that is so funny yet not funny. lol.

  2. This is probably the ONE TIME you'll purposefully put a photo of your butt on your blog. ~LOL~

    But seriously, that is crazy! You could have been seriously burned.

  3. Thats CRAZY! Im glad you are OK--your car place definitely needs to do the replacement at no cost--good grief!

  4. HOLY COW .... I'm in shock. So glad you are ok, but that just sucks being w/o a seat warmer in the cold