Monday, December 1, 2008

44 Days...

Yup, 44 days. This crazy cycle managed to span two months!

But, just as I was ready to call the doctor again, the old witch finally decided to show. Finally.

So, cycle day 1 for me.

I've done enough wallowing in self pity for the last week.
Time to pick myself up, dust myself off, and stand up straight.
It's the first of the month, a fresh start, and I have the holidays to keep my mind off of everything baby related. I had a really good weekend. Thanksgiving was a bust, as always, I'll have to share some stories later.


  1. AF is a double-edged sword, eh? Not pregnant but also the renewed possibilty of pregnancy. Sorry this journey has been so difficult:-(

  2. AF is a witch ..i hate the ole hag

  3. Wait how did I miss that we went through the identical thing at the same time?? WTF?? I had a 42 day cycle, BFN, that finally ended a week ago. Must be something in the water. Sorry you had a BFN but I;m glad your stupid long cycle finally ended!

  4. If you can muster some more reading, I suggest Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition. Also The Infertility Cure. Read the second one first. You may find things in there to help with your wacky cycles.