Friday, November 9, 2012

Fragments for Friday

Suzy over at Not A Fertile Myrtle has joined up with Lexy at God Uses Every Tear to create Fragments for Friday.  The idea is that sometimes you want to share some things on your blog, but they just don't seem like a full post.

That's where Fragments for Friday comes in! 

  • I reside in what was considered a swing state for the election.  I can not tell you how happy I am that my home phone has not rang once since Tuesday afternoon!  The calls were riduculous.  All hours of the day, at least 10 a day for the last month. Can you say overkill???
  • For the life of me, I can not keep up with the dishes in this house anymore!  I think it's because we've made a concious decision to eat at home more, but it's crazy.  If I don't run the dishwasher once a day, I can't find my sink the next morning!
  • Nights have been a little stressful.  After 3 consecutive mornings of having Big Boy scare me to death by climbing out of his crib, we decided it was time to convert the twins' cribs to daybeds.  Big Boy is sleeping like a champ, but Pretty Girl is still getting up at least once a night.  At least it's 50% of a success, right?
  • This week has been busy!  It's one of my 2 weeks a month for my work from home gig, but I also had an event for my Tastefully Simple business, too.  Never heard of Tastefully Simple?  Oh, man...such good stuff.  And everything takes only 1 or 2 ingredients from your pantry.  Check it out, here.  Yum!
  • Best part of the week was tonight.  Miss O.'s school had a Mother-Daughter event at a local roller rink.  The theme was 80's and we had so much fun!  I picked up some fake neon hair extensions, some leg warmers, and some hair scrunchies for us.  Miss O. let me do her hair and makeup and we had 2 hours of just girl time.  Pictures to come ;)
Do you have some fragments to share?  Link up with Suzy or Lexy.  The link stays open through Sunday!


  1. We had an insane amount of phone calls too, it was utterly ridiculous! And we live in NY, always goes Democratic.

  2. I am so glad you and Miss O had such a fun time together....just the two of you.

    Aren't you glad the election is FINALLY over!!!

    Thanks for linking up. :)