Monday, April 23, 2012

A Dull Ache; {NIAW}


Making people talk.

Facts vs. Fiction.

There are so many "awareness" weeks for so many causes out there. Practically every week during the year is attached to some sort of cause, or rememberance.

I might have three children now, but NIAW, or National Infertility Awareness Week, is one that will never fade out of my view.

For me, infertility is not that raw, gaping, open wound that is was for so many years. When we were in the depths of our secondary infertility, I was consumed by it. Everything I did revolved around where I was in my cycle. I made decisions depending on whether or not I *might* be pregnant or have a newborn. It touched every single part of my life.

It's more like a dull ache now.

Everyday, multiple times a day, I look at the twins and think, "I am so lucky".

For me, infertility will always be a part of me. I'm not cured because I have the twins, I'm just even more thankful for them.

This year, I took a deep breath, and actually spoke to my MOPS group about infertility. It was scary, but I'm glad I did it. I don't want anyone to ever feel as alone as I did while we were struggling.

I put a face to infertility, and I hope I helped someone by doing so.


  1. I feel very lucky also. I do share my story when people ask about the boys. I hope I can shed some light on infertility and help people out if they are experiencing it also.

  2. I think its very brave that you did that. Whenever I share my story, I end up crying like a baby. ;)