Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Catching Up

Someday I will figure out how to incorporating some time to blog into my life.


In the meantime, just spewing my thoughts out when I can will have to do...


Big Boy and Pretty Girl have been suffering from a cold for about 2 weeks now.

Miss O. brought it home and in no time the runny noses, coughs, and fussiness started. Within a week, I had it too.

On Sunday, Big Boy started running a fever.

Yesterday it spiked to 103.9.

I freaked.

Ran to the doctor.

Poor little guy has an ear infection. Lots of screaming last night, but at least the fever has gone back down to a more manageable 100 degrees or so.

I hope the antibiotics work quick.


"Operation Lose the Twin Weight...and then some" is back in business.

Within the first 5 months of their life, the weight was melting off me. I have to think that the tandem BF and then BF and pumping was a big help, but I could eat pretty much anything I wanted and still lost weight. If I paid even a *little* bit of attention to what I was shoving in my mouth, I would lose even more.

By March, I was down 60 pounds.

That was 10 more pounds than I had gained with them.

Since the end of March, I've managed to put 10 pounds back on. I'm blaming the weather, not watching what I'm eating, and Pretty Girl and Big Boy consuming less breast milk.

I'm back to watching every bite that enters my mouth and trying to exercise at least 3 times a week.


Both babies are really doing well.

Pretty Girl says "MaMa", waves goodbye, crawls, cruises, and claps. She love, love, LOVES her big sister and wants to be with Miss O. all the time!

Big Boy says, "DaDa", claps, crawls FAST, cruises and stands on his own for 20 to 30 seconds at a time. I have no doubt that he will be walking soon.

I can't believe that they are 10 months already.


People never seem to stop amazing me with their stupid remarks.

Just yesterday, a lady at Sam's Club looked at the twins and said, "Aww, a boy and a girl. Now you're done having kids."

Uh, yeah, thanks for making that decision for me.


We're trying to decide on what to do for vacation this year.

Originally a week at the beach sounded great...but then I thought about it.

A week at the beach with two kids just over 1?

Hmmm...I don't know.

Any suggestions?


I had started a Couch to 5K program a couple of weeks ago.

Then the cold hit me, and I couldn't walk without wheezing, let alone run.

So, I'm going to restart it again.

I'm going to learn to love to run, even if it kills me.


So, that's a peek into my world.

What's going on in yours? Any great vacations planned? Do you freak out over fevers? What do you say to stupid remarks from strangers?


  1. Sounds like you guys have been busy!

    Yea, 2 kiddos on a beach might be a bit much...or it might be awesome!

  2. I can't compliment the couch to 5k program enough. it was great for me for starting to run. (however, now that I'm pregnant again, I'm back to hating to run...)

  3. I would have to vote no for a week at the beach with babies. That doesn't sound like fun but work ;). I would opt for something else, hehe.

    Glad to hear everyone is doing well.

  4. Sorry the kiddos have been sick, it makes the rounds like wild fire here too. Good luck with the couch to 5K plan I have heard god things, I may need to look into it myself :)

  5. I hope everyone feels better soon - sickness stinks!!!! And great job on the weight loss AND the 5k program - that is awesome. I can't believe your babies are 10 months already, time has really flown by. Yeah for talking and great motor skills, how fun!

    And I have to 2nd the stupid comments. Ugh. People can be so dumb. I got 1 the other day asking when I was due - my almost 9 yr old daughter was with me. I said July and her response - "oh, that must have been an oops!" WOW LADY! Had my daughter not been with me I think I would have given her an ear full but instead I smiled and walked away. PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. So sorry to hear about the ear infection. Adelyn has been sick so many times this winter & just when I thought we were done she got ANOTHER cold!! And while she finally decided to cut her first tooth too!!

    We are INSANE & decided that we are going to go cabin camping the first week of August. Hubby's family goes every year & this is the 1st one I'm not working. Wish us luck!!