Monday, April 4, 2011

Who, Me?

I never used to be a list maker.

If I did take the time to write something down, such as a grocery list, it never failed I'd forget to take it with me.

That was before the twins.

Now, I don't go a day without writing something down, even if it's just a quick note to remind me to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer. (Don't laugh, if I don't it's liable to stay in the washer for days before I remember...eww!)

I would be lost without my lists.

That's why I laughed to myself last Friday, as a nice lady commented on how organized *I* was.

Me? Really? Me?

It was a good day. I somehow managed to get myself and the twins ready and out the door in time for me to make an exercise class at the Y. One of my birthday presents was a coupon book, good for childcare there, so I could start working out again. I was nervous that I wouldn't have everything I needed for the caretakers, even though the twins would only be in there a little over an hour. After checking them in, I headed up to the class and tried to not to look as out of shape as I am!

Afterwards, I practically ran back to the childcare room, anxious to see how they were doing...

Pretty Girl was happily bouncing in an exer.saucer while Big Boy was sitting in a caretaker's lap.

Nothing but smiles all around.

I chatted with the worker about how they did. As she watched me gather their things, load them up in their carriers and snap them into the stroller, that's when she made the comment.

"Oh, you are so organized! Everything has a place and is in order...most mom's with ONE baby aren't that organized."

I smiled and politely said thank you.

Inside I was rolling on the floor with laughter...if she only knew how many lists it took to plan this little outing!


  1. Thank you for reminding me that there is laundry in my washing machine that has been there for 3 days.
    I really should get back to my lists as well. Whatever works right? Yay for getting back to exercising. I am looking forward to that day hopefully this summer. And hey, if they think you are organized from what they see, they can't be all wrong. :)

  2. LOL! I have become a bit that way too, even without twins! Double high five-one for a compliment, the other for working out ! Take care

  3. *giggle* If write notes to yourself is what is takes, then so be it!! ;)

  4. at least you remember where your notes are. ;)

  5. hahaha! I guess at least it looks like you got it together. And looks are all that matter, right? :)

  6. I am with you. I NEVER made lists because they were either lost, left or outdated by the time I got to it.

    Now, my whole life is based on lists. I so get it.

    So amazed by you!

  7. So cute! I always feel like a disorganized mess and I WAS organized............ before kids! I make lists but like you I often forget them. I don't know whether I'm coming or going these days.

  8. LOL - I love this post and I am right there with you...loving lists. They are the only thing that seems to keep me on track lately. And I can't even tell you how much joy I get in crossing something off, it seems so childish but oh it brings me joy! It's the little things in life!!!! :)

  9. DUDE- take the organized comment and run with it! YOU DESERVE that one!

    When I try to go anywhere, by the time I have two of the boys' shoes on (for a total of four shoes) and I am trying to get baby number three's on, at least one shoe is lost... triplet shoe math? At least there are only three coats...

    Missed you. So excited to catch up!!!