Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Madness

The month of March is here...and I'm NOT talking about college basketball!

I'm probably going to lose my mind.

This month is full of SO many things for our family. It's Miss O.'s and my birth month, as well as quite a few other family members.

For example, this week alone, we have the father/daughter dance Friday night, a cousin's birthday party on Saturday up North, and a first birthday party for a friend's daughter on Sunday. I haven't found a dress for Miss O. yet, and still need to purchase 2 birthday presents. On the list of things to do, finish planning Miss O.'s party, secure goody bag treats, and design a cake. (Miss O. is adamant that I bake her cake...)

I am crazy.

If I get through the month without a major meltdown, I will consider it a success!

Overall, I can't complain...things are going pretty well here.

The twins are starting to become mobile. Scary! So far, they can only get up on all fours and propel themselves backwards. They are both enjoying trying out solid food and Pretty Girl has popped 2 teeth over the last 2 weeks. If we could sleep through the night things would be better, but I'm hoping that will come with time...sadly, they seem to be no where near doing so.

Lots on my mind and plenty of things to say, but no time to post! I'm going to try to bang out a couple of posts in the next couple of days, and try to comment on the blogs I'm reading. I can't figure out how anyone with babies finds a way to do so...I must be doing something wrong!

So, I leave you with a couple of questions....any input is appreciated!

How much should 7 month old children eat when it comes to solids?

Right now the twins have a jar of baby food for lunch and dinner, plus puffs/rice teethers while we eat dinner, and cereal before bed. Pretty Girl still nurses on demand and Big Boy drinks about five, 6 oz bottles of half BM, half formula a day.

Does anyone have the Nike + for running? Do you need special shoes to make it work or can you attach it to any shoe? Do you like it? Why?

I'm thinking about asking for it for my birthday, but don't really understand how it works. I have an ipod touch, which is compatible, but worry that I need new shoes, too!

If you are a SAHM after working, how did you adjust to not working?

There is a whole post brewing in my head on this one...I think I'm finally falling into a routine and feeling like I'm actually contributing to the household. I won't lie, though, I don't like not having an income!


  1. Can't help you with the 7 month old food question - it's been too long for me. Can't help with the SAHM question either.

    However, I did have a nike+ipod. You can get a little sleeve thing to put the chip in, which gets tied onto your shoelaces. So no, you don't need special shoes for it. :)

    Good luck with your month - sounds like it's going to be a bit nutty!


  2. Serenity beat me to it, but yes, you can get a little pocket that velcros to your laces that holds the transmitter for the Nike+. I *love* mine-- it's a big motivator for me to be able to see my progress, and to track it.

    As for 7 month olds, I'm not exactly sure I remember, but right now, at eight months, they share one 3.5/4 oz (depends on brand) of fruit mixed with some oatmeal cereal for breakfast, a container of fruit or veg alone for lunch, and a container of veg with rice cereal or multi-grain cereal for dinner. Seems like we've been doing that for a while, but a month ago, we may have been skipping the lunch meal.

    We just recently started stirring yogurt into the fruit/oatmeal breakfast, and sometimes at lunch, we'll do small dices of fruit or tiny pieces of bread smeared with cream cheese. They also get cheerios or puffs or sometimes rice crackers (mum-mums, I think) before dinner or after if they're hungry. And now, they also pick off of our plates if there's anything baby-friendly for them.

    They seem like they are getting hungrier lately, so I've been expanding their portions a little bit, adding a couple of spoons of applesauce to their dinner or whatever, just to expand it out a little bit.

  3. I too have forgotten 7 month eating habits, but it sounds like they are doing great. I have learned that children eat when they need to so if they are happy with the food & formula/BM that you are providing and still growing then you are doing great. :) I had a picky eater (still do) so it was always a question of "is she eating enough" for me.

    SAHM question. Hmmm. You have to make peace with it and when you start getting a few more moments to yourself, start doing some projects just for yourself or to help someone else. I find that event though I am doing so much, I feel less productive than I did at work. I love learning new things, so when I can do that, it helps and whenever anyone needs an extra hand with something like designing invitations or helping with a project they are doing, I pitch in. Gives me a sense of accomplishment that I am missing from not working.

    As for March Madness, I am right there with you! 8 months pregnant, 2 year birthday to plan, 2 sets of visitors, closing on a new house, packing a whole house, moving and then relaxing for a few weeks before I give birth in April. :) Hope we both survive. :)

  4. Every kid is different. I don't remember amounts (if I weren't so lazy I would look on my blog and see if I wrote about it, probably not - refer to the lazy bit). I just remember stuffing her face until she stopped...

    I quit my job while pregnant, if that counts. I HATED and do hate no having my own money. It is hard.

  5. Have no answers to the questions.

    Happy Birthday to you and Miss O...come on, it will be one of these days, right?

  6. Happy Birthday to you & Miss O. Addy is also getting up on all 4's & going backwards. Can't believe they'll be mobile soon! We are dealing w/teething now & Addy is NOT handling it well. Goodbye to sleeping through the night!

    As for your questions:
    Addy eats pretty much the same as you are giving the twins minus the cereal at night. She will also eat some fruit for breakfast. As for how many ounces she drinks I don't know but she gets BF 4X/day. I'm assuming it's about 24-28oz.

    I am still working on adjusting to not working. It wasn't too hard in the beginning as I was so consumed with her & then the winters are always super slow for me at work anyway. I find I am struggling the most now. I worked as a Biologist so my busy season was alwasy the spring & summer. It is the first time in 13 years that I am not out on the beach on the first day of March. Didn't think it would bother me so much. In addition my hubby works non-stop in order to afford my staying home. I've considered going back to work but it just seems so hard to leave her. Hoping I can find peace with it soon.

  7. DH has a nike+, and I was irritated at how much the little sleeves cost, so I made him two with leftover fabric. LITERALLY sewed a little tube, then glued foldover velcro on the ends--there are patterns all over the internet, and it took about two seconds. He loves the whole thing, and it has given him such motivation!

    I'm part time SAH, and it is an adjustment, but you get there. The thing is, it's also a huge adjustment to go back--you're just giving up different things. You'll be ok.

    Happy birthday!

  8. i am sort-of a SAHM - sortof because I have class, teach one day a week and do some other free-lance work.
    If I didnt' have those things, I would probably lose my shit. for real. I have ways to use my creativity/knowledge/adult interaction skills but sometimes it's still not enough for me.
    i guess i'm not really answering your question - but regularly seeing other people who i can engage in intelligent conversation with has helped!