Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Another Candle on the Cake

I am officially another year older.

Yup, last Friday was my birthday. 

With a March birthday, every once in a while your special day falls on Easter or the days leading up to it.  This year, my birthday was on Good Friday.  The last time this occurred, I turned 16.  My sweet 16th was spent eating fruit, bread, and mashed beans, as was tradition in my home growing up on Good Friday. 

I struggle with celebrating my day when this happens.  As a Christan, Good Friday is a very somber day, when we commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus and his death at Calvary.  It just feels wrong to be happy or celebrating on such a day.

So, my birthday was low key this year, and that's okay.


On the Tuesday before my birthday, it was a MOPS meeting night. (MOPS is Mothers of PreschoolerS, a group I've been involved with for 8 years now)

I'm in charge of hospitality for our group, so I watch over the table as food comes in, get serving spoons out, cut up what needs to be cut up, and most importantly, I make the coffee for the moms!  

My sister showed up with a cake box & a look of concern on her face.  Before I could say anything to her she said, "I don't know what this cake is going to look like..."


She opened the cake box & this is what we saw:

I just started laughing.  

She explained that the lady behind the cake counter had fought with her on what she wanted the cake to say.  The cake was to say, "Happy Birthday Week, Amy", as an inside joke. Instead, it appears to say, "Happy WEAK Birthday Amy".

(Since Miss O. was old enough to start enjoying her birthday, little sis has told her we celebrate a birthday all week long...)

I think the sentiment of a "WEAK" birthday was just perfect.

This wasn't necessarily an important birthday.  I didn't turn 35, or 40....just somewhere in between there, so it was kind of a "weak" birthday. 

It was perfect.


  1. Happy Birthday! And the cake is priceless, that is awesome!

  2. Happy Birthday! That's a Cake Wreck cake :-)

  3. Happy Birthday! That's a Cake Wreck cake :-)

  4. Happy Birthday! That is seriously an awesome cake!!