Thursday, August 30, 2012

Peanuts, Get Your Peanuts....NOT!

The summer is quickly wrapping up, and I honestly can't wait for Fall to come.

We packed the last few months full with lots of fun stuff and family time, starting with our Disn.ey trip and ending with a week spent with family in Savannah.  I think we're all tired, happy, and ready for a little structure around here.

At least this mommy is!

Miss O. starts third grade on Tuesday.  I really don't understand how this is possible!?! Third grade?  She's excited to go back to school, see her friends, and read.  Secretly, I think she's ready for a break from the twins 24-7.  From her viewpoint, it has to be hard to constantly compete with 2 two year old's for Mommy's attention all day long, as well as having to do certain things because they are little.

The twins are doing well.  Acting like typical two year old's, showing independence, pitching fits, giving hugs & kisses to anyone who will take them.


Over the summer, we found out that our little peanut, Pretty Girl, is allergic to peanuts.

Very allergic.

Like, we have to carry an Epi.Pen, allergic.

Cue Mommy freak out moment.

I wasn't super surprised that she was allergic, I just didn't expect it to be that bad.

In May, M. had given her a tiny bit of peanut butter on the tip of a spoon while I was working at my Twins Club yard sale.  He called me, panicked, because even though she had spit it out immediately, her entire face had broken out in hives almost immediately! I told him to give her Ben.edryl and watch her closely, and it seemed to work and she was fine a few hours later.

Obviously, we called the doctor on the following Monday, explained what happened and was told to just keep peanuts away until her 2 year old appointment.  Once that came in July, Pretty Girl had blood drawn, and we found out how severe her allergy is.

I have plenty of allergies, myself, but no food allergies.

She'll never enjoy a package of peanut butter cups, my no-bake cookies, or a PB&J sandwich. 

It's been a real learning experience for us.  Pretty Girl needs to avoid peanuts and all tree nuts, just to be safe.  I never realized how many things may or may not have nuts in them.

We've found that even if someone has eaten a forbidden food and touches or kisses her, she will react.

It's scary.

And because she's two, and I've spent the last 2 years teaching her and Big Boy to share EVERYTHING with each other, Big Boy has to be peanut-free, too.

I just can't trust that they wouldn't share with each other, at least until they are much older.

It's a big adjustment...just yesterday we had lunch at a friend's house, bologna sandwiches, watermelon, and pretzels.  Should be fine, right?

Yeah, not so much.

About 10 minutes into lunch, I noticed that Pretty Girl was starting to break out around her mouth.  Crap.  Grabbed the bag with the pretzels in it, and looked at the label.  There it was..."made in a facility that uses nuts"...I hadn't even thought to look at it, it was a bag of pretzels!

That's just it, it seems that I need to scour EVERY processed food label, in order to make sure it's safe for her.

It's a learning process, but one I want to learn quickly, that's for sure!


Do you or a family member struggle with a peanut allergy?  Food allergies in general?  How do you handle it? I'd love to hear how others deal with this... Photobucket


  1. Like you, I have twin 2 year-olds. And like you, one of them is severely allergic to Peanuts (and moderately allergic to eggs, cats and dogs). His EpiPens and Benadryl are with him at all times.

    I have known about his allergy for a year so have had time to research, learn, and adjust but that fear never goes away.

    My best resource so far has been online support groups like There is a wealth of information there and other people who "get it".

    I have banned all nuts and eggs from my house too which has not been as hard for me with only his twin brother and no other siblings. The allergic one also wears a medical bracelet when we are out which alerts people to prompts them to ask questions which is huge.

    Good luck and know that it is an adjustment but it gets easier as to manage as time goes on - at least it has for me.

    Feel free to message me anytime if you want to chat.

    1. Thank you SO much for all the information. I'll be checking that out for sure!

  2. We have a very good friend whose daughter is/was allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, milk, wheat and eggs at birth. The docs will tell you that's impossible. They spent HOURS with her screaming b/c she was so miserable. They finally INSISTED on allergy testing (not standard on little ones b/c it's pretty tough on them) and found out the extent of things. She's grown out of the milk allergy (she's 4 now), but the others still exist. Her grandpa recently ate a salted nut roll then picked her up - you could see perfect hand prints where he touched her.

    They're super cautious about what she eats, they ask at restaurants, etc. and if they're unsure they pack her food. They carry epi-pens, but it's now just a way of life.

    You'll be fine - it will soon be old hat for you too!

    1. Oh, I believe sister had the same problem with my nephew. Turns out he's allergic to corn, wheat, soy, and dairy.

      Thank you for the vote of confidence!

  3. Oh no! It was the pretzels??? We thought maybe the brownies. Did you have to do anything or was she fine after awhile?

    1. No worries, I gave her a dose of benedryl when I got home just as a precaution, but she was fine! Who would have thought pretzels?

  4. I think it is a good idea along with MeandBaby to get Pretty Girl a medic alert bracelet (they do make nice ones now).
    E had an allergy to milk. It was for a few years and then she grew out of it. I learned to read labels on everything.
    This information will be for when the twins start pre school/school: I have had students that had severe allergies to peanuts. I had their Epi pen with me at all times and implemented a peanut free table at lunch. I also sent a letter home with parents telling them about the peanut allergy. They responded well to it. As for birthday celebrations the child would have their own treat they could eat. That way they could still partake in the treat without having to worry.
    I hope this helps! And when kids get older they really understand what they can and can not eat.

    1. Good to know! I think I will be more comfortable once she's old enough to know what she can and can not have to eat.

  5. And yay for you all going to D.isney and visiting family!!

  6. Oh gosh that sucks so bad. Viktor lives off of peanut butter. You have to research every single thing. My husband's niece had a bad allergy to dairy. Her mom eventually knew what she could and couldn't eat. A lot of prepackaged stuff has warning labels on it. Ugg. Gonna be hard that's for sure.

  7. Yes the joy of food allergies. Addy has not had dairy products since she was 3 wks old. She also suffered w/an egg & soy intolerance until she thankfully outgrew it. It is so hard to adjust in the beginnig, but you do learn fast. I am praying for your little one. I know it can't be easy when it's that severe.

  8. Oh girl, I'm so very sorry to hear about the allergy. What a learning experience! I have no doubt you will overcome though. It's insane just how many things have peanuts in them. I agree that as she gets older and understands everything it will be much easier.

  9. {I love the new look!}

    No one with peanut allergy here, but my sister in law has a seafood allergy (developed it at 24 years old, after having dengue fever). She reacts the same way, right down to breaking out if people kiss or touch her. It's no fun.

    Praying that you figure it out and have no problems.

  10. Ditto on that... I love the new look too! It is bright and friendly.

    So sorry about the Peanut allergy. That adds a whole new dimension to their life and yours that cannot always be easy to manage. It is funny that I finally sat down to read this today because I talked to Cailin's pre-school teacher today about appropriate snacks because their school is NOT peanut free. I just didn't want a child in her class to have to be secluded from her just because she brought a PB&J to class. No peanut allergies this year in that school, but I don't imagine that is the case every year. Maybe you could get her a cute little bracelet that says it just in case someone doesn't know. Can't be too careful when they are young right?

    I also wanted to thank you for your kids words this week with pre-school. I survived the week because of the support from family and friends and of course by seeing that sweet smiling face when I picked her up from school. So far she loves it so I can only hope that that continues.