Friday, January 7, 2011

Reflecting On 2010

Thinking back on the past year, I feel like it can be divided into two sections.

Before the twins AND after the twins.

January started off with a sigh of relief. For the first time in four years, I was carrying a pregnancy that had finally made it to the second trimester. M. and I both started to allow ourselves to believe that we might have babies in July!

The next few months alternately flew and crawled by. I focused on working and saving, as we started to discuss whether I would return to work. In April, my family threw a wonderful, fun shower for us, blessing us with many of the things we would need once the twins arrived.

Everything was going great in May. I was tired, but could still function. My body was expanding every day and my feet and ankles started to swell. It became and effort to get ready and go to work, but I just trodded along. I felt pretty good for being pregnant with twins. M. and I went away for our anniversary weekend, no where far, but just the two of us.

Thank goodness we did.

I didn't see it coming, but my doctor pulled me from work the last week of May. It was abrupt and I wasn't prepared. The next 2 and a half months were spent sitting on the couch and laying in bed. The only time I left the house was for doctor appointments and non-stress tests. As bored as I was, it was all worth it!

On July 13th, our whole world changed as we welcomed the twins into the world at 38 weeks and 4 days.

The only way to describe the last 5 months of the year is NON-STOP.

Nothing can prepare you for the exhaustion that comes with having a newborn, nevermind two newborns. The first 3 months of their lives are a blur....I swear all I did was nurse, change diapers, and nurse. I know that people came to visit and meet the twins, but I don't remember much about those visits.

Now, as the babies are only days away from turning 6 months old, things have settled down a little bit. Gone are the days of being stuck on the couch for hours, just nursing babies. Instead, it's tummy time, exersaucer time, mommy time and feeding. I love seeing them both interact with me, and each other.

2010 was a crazy year, and I think that's only going to continue in 2011...


  1. Can you believe it's been six months?! So happy things are mellowing out by you. I can't imagine two babies at once & seriously admire you!!

  2. Six months already?! Wow! Glad its a good busy, hope 2011 finds some relaxation too! :-)

  3. How is it already six months?! It goes too fast. Glad to hear things are slowing down.